We provide not only turnkey equipment and machinery for surface treatment but also offer technical support and consulting service regarding various surface treatments. If you are a newbie to Aluminum anodizing, powder coating, or electroplating, we can help you from plant layout planning, procedures, equipment to production and finished products. Or if you have existing finishing factory running, we can help you solve your problems such as quality, color variation or uneven coating film during production to increase competitiveness of your products.

Worldclean has turnkey project planning, developing and management capabilities:

  • Consulting Service
  • Plant Design and Layout
  • Procedures Improvement and Quality Control
  • Product Evaluation and Development
  • Engineering consultancy services
  • Cleaner production technologies to reduce waste
  • Chemical chosen and usage
  • Production diagnosis
  • Processes and process control
  • Start-up, Training , Operation, Maintenance

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5 simple ways to examine anodizing oxide layer

Quality of anodizing oxide layer can be examined by those methodes:

  1. Checking color
  2. Measuring electrical resistance
  3. Scratch
  4. Knock
  5. Coloring

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Cautions for adjusting baths

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Cautions for analyzing and testing baths

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Duties of anodizing operator

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